Idea 050: Trash Can Bag Holder

Everyone has a collection of Walmart bags kicking around. They’re actually very handy for odd jobs, storing things…or for bathroom trash cans. Just about the right size.

But if you’re like me, the first thing you throw into your trash can, the bag collapses and you’re faced with either reaching down in and fixing it (sometimes a very unpleasant experience) or just ignoring it and hoping it will magically fix itself. Or maybe you just don’t care that much.

But now there’s a solution for that.

All that little Walmart bag needs is a little help. Just a couple of hooks would do the trick. I propose a very simple product to solve your bathroom trash bag woes and make life more convenient for you. Introducing the bathroom trash bag holder. OK, I admit- it needs a better name, but the idea is sound.

The idea is simple: a device that has a couple of hooks that face down. Each hook mounts on the outside of the trash can (opposite sides), near the top. When you place the trash bag in the trash can, all you do is secure the handles over the hooks so the bag doesn’t fall down in anymore.


Update: There are some similar product ideas on the market. But there seems to be plenty of room in this space to come up with a unique solution that is different from existing competition.

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