To Live the Life of Your Dreams, Please Press 1

I’m really not the complaining type, but on this particular subject, I’ve had quite enough.

Just last week I was on the phone for well over 15 minutes trying to get through to a human (unsuccessfully) at a major phone service carrier. And it reminded me of this little skit I made several years ago, as evidenced by the outdated phones in the images.

While it doesn’t eliminate the pain or change the unfortunate reality that plagues us all, it does at least provide a bit of comic relief:

Can you relate? Of course you can.

Now for the moral: think of your business. While you may not put your customers through the automated phone system hell that some of today’s Fortune 500 companies do, you would do well to pay attention what kind of an experience your customers go through when they try to reach you. Automation is great, humans are greater.

If you don’t like what you see, here’s an idea- improve your customer experience from step 1. It doesn’t require a patent of any kind.

But your brand is on the line.

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