Idea 057: “How Much Longer? I Need to Pee!”

If you have children and have ever gone on a road trip, or if you’ve ever known anyone that has, you’ll be familiar with this phrase.

My wife and I have five kids and are very familiar with it. Although, not as much recently as in years past. It never would fail- you hit the road and inevitably one of the little bladders in the back is at capacity, making it known to the world.

It’s always amazed me how quickly an emergency can arise. One minute everyone’s fine. Just seconds later someone’s gotta go so bad it’s coming out their ears and if we don’t pull over immediately, we’re going to have a nasty accident on our hands. Now, tell me, how is this even biologically possible?

Actually, it’s not. It’s all in the mind. It’s just that one minute they didn’t notice it, and the next they did. Just like my wife and I. One minute we notice how great the kids are being, the next minute we don’t.

And worse, how come we can’t get them all in sync? We make sure to do a mandatory pit stop every time we stop for gas. Yet somehow, one of them gets out of whack just 5 minutes down the road. So we parents do what we do best. We ask “Why?” But usually it’s more like, “WHY!!?” And my favorite answer, “Well, I didn’t need to go back then. But I need to go now.”

Another biological impossibility.

At some point, you realize that you’re spending the bulk of your vacation time trying to solve an unsolvable mystery. About that same time, you decide it’s just not worth it and you pull over. Again.

How cool would it be if someone write down these experience into a fun book. A travel guide, even, with the kids’ experiences interspersed throughout. Or a bathroom book of funny stories.

Everyone has these types of stories. All you would need to do is ask around. You could fill up a multi-volume series pretty easily. And since it’s something we can all relate to, it would have no other option than to be a best-seller. In fact, you could read it on the road. To the kids!

Who knows, as a side benefit, the book may even distract them from their unpredictable bladders.

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