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Idea 060: A Fun, Creative Activity You Can Play With Your Kids

One of my sons loves to dissect objects, just for fun. We noticed this when he started asking us to keep an old item we were about to throw away. Watching him inspired me to an idea, so I joined him.

Rather than throwing out old items, I started dissecting them with him, especially electronics. Pretty soon we were collecting parts of every kind. Odd springs, circuit boards, metal shapes, screws and wheels…just enough to get anyone’s creative juices flowing. The more strange, the better. It wasn’t long before we had enough for a fun little activity.

I gathered all the pieces into a bucket. Then I found some white pieces of cardboard and laid them on the ground around the bucket of parts. I called in the kids and we began to build robots. It was a blast. We each took turns laying the parts out carefully to make a head, torso, arms and legs. And sometimes even foreign appendages. We laughed at our creations and took photos.

If you have kids (or even if you don’t), I encourage you to try this out. The next time you’re about to throw away that old VCR, think of how much fun you can have with it. Plus, your kids get the added benefit of learning how things work inside. Don’t have old electronics, you can get outdated things for cheap at a second hand store.

So, save some old parts in a bucket and pull them out the next time your kids are bored. It’s a fun activity you can play together.

It’s worth every penny.

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