4a31260730e964c3d62a9bba4ac40607With a name like Zembryo, you might wonder, “What exactly do you do?” And the best answer we can give is this: we give people what they didn’t know they needed through the world’s most remarkable currency: ideas. Typically in the form of new products.
You could say we’re a little crazy about this whole idea thing. Fanatical even. Some people talk about ideas around the water cooler. Fewer will even give them a second thought. It’s a small minority that will make something of them.
Victor Hugo said that nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. In fact, a single idea can change the world. And that’s exactly what we are doing.



Our process is just the right mix. It’s simple enough for our minds to wrap around, yet complex enough to keep people from asking too many questions.  Not that we mind.

1. Ideate- During this stage, our creative team turns their brains into sponges, soaking up the world around them. They seek out unsolved problems by researching, brainstorming, asking an absurd amount of questions and simply paying attention to things nobody else seems to be noticing. We capture idea seedlings through the use of very complex and scientific tools, such as a pencil and a piece of paper (one of the world’s best inventions, by the way). In this stage, each idea is precious and perfect, carefully transplanted to our laboratory where it is safely guarded from predators.

2. Incubate- From there, we identify anything that shows a glimmer of hope, where it is bottle-fed in a safe, comfortable environment– 75 to 80 degrees is best. Here, they are developed into their best odds for success by our team of designers who seek out the most innovative and aesthetic solutions. Then, in Darwinian fashion, we test each idea’s ability to survive in the wild through primary and secondary research. Those who cannot stand up to the test, unfortunately must be euthanized. Any strong enough that show potential are ushered into our third phase.

3. Ignite- This is the fun stage (not that the others weren’t). It’s just that this is the part where we finally get to see our baby do what it was created to do: fly out of it’s nest for the first time as it is introduced into the marketplace. And that’s special. Sadly, some will still fall to the ground (but still good for fertilizer.) But many of them will soar like eagles.